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280 million people suffer from depression, and a further 275 million suffer anxiety.

Are you up to the challenge of helping these people using acupuncture?

NEW! ONLINE Workshops for

Acupuncture Practitioners

Become Certified as a Transformational Acupuncture Practitioner

Learn the Transformational Acupuncture method as an adjunct in the management of depression and anxiety

Experiential and practical workshops delivered fully online in an 8-week format

Begin applying the skills and strategies learned in your practice immediately

Simple, easy-to-learn system that integrates easily into your practice

Learn a strategy to grow your business and the secret to becoming fully booked

Since I’ve implemented TAI into my clinic, it’s been a genuine game-changer, for my clients and I alike. .”

– GG, Melbourne, Workshop Participant

The Foundation – Level 1 ONline Workshop


The aim of this online workshop is to train you to help people with depression and anxiety. This training will help you to assess their symptoms from the Western medical viewpoint and monitor their progress. Transformational Acupuncture is a system which is easy to learn and fun to use. Not only that, the benefits are felt by the patient, almost immediately. This training will also help you to make local doctors steady referrers of patients and give you the skills and confidence to communicate with them.


  • Learn how to assess your patients from a Western Medical viewpoint and implement treatment quickly and confidently.
  • Learn to communicate with local doctors and develop them into a ready source of steady referrals.
  • Learn the power of installing needles in a particular order forming geometric patterns to increase the effectiveness of your treatments.
  • Learn about the Ayurvedic system of chakras and how they correspond to powerful acupuncture points and therefore learn to balance the chakras, and thus the patient’s health problems, through acupuncture.
  • Learn the five Harmonising Patterns with diagrams, and videos of needling the points, and when to use them:
    • Posterior Qi Flow Pattern, together with 13 variations
    • Anterior Qi Flow Pattern
    • Clarity Pattern
    • Heart Balancing Yin Pattern
    • Palm Qi Installation Pattern
  • Learn the seven Chakra Alignment Patterns with diagrams and videos of needling the points, and when to use them:
    • Lower Calibration Tree of Life Pattern
    • Second Chakra Yang Pattern
    • Solar Plexus Chakra Yang Pattern
    • Heart Chakra Yang Pattern
    • Throat Chakra Yang Pattern
    • Indigo Triangle Pattern
    • Crown Chakra Pattern
  • Case presentations to illustrate the effects of the patterns on the patients, and how to troubleshoot problems
  •  In-depth discussion of Chakras and how they relate to problems patients present with.
  • There will be an introduction to Sacred Geometry and Numerology as they relate to Transformational Acupuncture.

Here’s what they’re saying…

I’ve been waiting for the return of Dr Alex’s workshop for years. He has taken Acupuncture the ancient healing art to a new dimension. A phenomenal system of patterns was created, where blocked or hindered energy flow released and symptoms dramatically improved. Dr Alex thank you for sharing your priceless findings with us.”

SB, Melbourne

Workshop Participant

“I really believe Transformational Acupuncture has the potential to help so many practitioners and consequently patients, I myself have started to implement some patterns in my clinical practice. I have high hopes and faith in the treatment method.”

LA, Melbourne

Workshop Participant

“The TAI Level 1 course has been an expansive & nourishing learning experience – the fact that it addresses the science and the spiritual is important to me as a practitioner. As well as the fact that Alex is a kind, very warm, well-respected GP & experienced mentor with his own personal story relating to TAI. Being part of this experience has opened up my own Crown chakra & I’m keen for Level 2.”

CG, Melbourne, Victoria

Workshop Participant

“What I got from you was effective case management. I use your system all the time and it allows me better management of my patients. Your system of measuring their progress is really important, as it gives me confidence in treating patients with mental health problems. And your system of getting referrals really works. I still get a kick when a doctor phones me to talk about a mutual patient.”


Licensed Acupuncturist

“I’m booked out for a couple of weeks ahead… Being straight out of college, I expected to be quiet for a long time. Despite 5 or 6 acupuncturists in my area, I’m still as busy as I want to be. Your system transformed how I practice straight away. It gave me structure and confidence in how to treat patients with depression and anxiety. It’s such a huge part of my practice. I can’t imagine not using it.”


Licensed Acupuncturist

Included in the online workshop:

8 x 1-hour LIVE training sessions with Dr. Alex Joannou

The complete slide deck of all presentations

Downloadable PDF workbook.

Unlimited email access to Dr. Alex during the 8 week session

Client Forms and Questionnaires for use with your practice.

19.5 continuing professional development hours upon completion.

Eligible to be added to our directory of certified TAI practitioners

Certification - Become a Certified Transformational Acupuncture Practitioner, includes a certificate of completion


these bonuses are also included:


Pre-Workshop Training:

Access a 30-minute video training, Stick It To Depression, developed by Dr. Alex to help you prepare for the workshop.


2nd Registration 1/2 Price!

Bring a friend or colleague and get 1/2 OFF the regular registration price for the 2nd person! You will be directed to the special 1/2 Price link after you register the 1st person.


Follow-Up Calls:

Receive ongoing support through 3 monthly, one-hour webinar sessions AFTER the workshop concludes.

upcoming online workshop dates

LEVEL 1 - August 7th to Sept 25th, 2023

Mondays, for 8 weeks
8:00 PM EDT (New York / Toronto) / 5:00 PM PDT (Los Angeles)
(Tuesdays, 10:00 AM AEST Sydney)




LEVEL 2 - Oct 16th to Dec 4th, 2023

Mondays, for 8 weeks
8:00 PM EDT (New York / Toronto) / 5:00 PM PDT (Los Angeles)
(Tuesdays, 10:00 AM AEST Sydney)

LEVEL 2 - Feb 5th to March 25th, 2024

Tuesdays, for 8 weeks
8:00 PM EDT (New York / Toronto) / 5:00 PM PDT (Los Angeles)
(Wednesdays, 10:00 AM AEST Sydney)

Your Instructor

Dr. Alex Joannou

MBBS (Hons), FACNEM, Practice Principal of Northside Health

Dr. Alex Joannou is the leading global expert on depression and acupuncture, an award-winning speaker, 2x #1 best-selling author, and highly accredited GP. His 40-year medical career spans 300,000 patient consultations and over 35,000 acupuncture treatments.

Dr. Alex trains acupuncture practitioners globally to “Stick It To Depression” using Transformational Acupuncture through practical hands-on workshops. He is passionate about teaching practitioners to gain optimal results with their clients.


Interested in learning more about the workshops, or having Dr. Alex give a workshop near you?

Exclusive Heal The Healer Retreat For Acupuncture Practitioners with Dr. Alex Joannou 21st – 28th July, 2024


Exclusive Heal The Healer Retreat For Acupuncture Practitioners with Dr. Alex Joannou

21st – 28th July, 2024


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