Transforming Depression Through Acupuncture

Dr. Alex Joannou

Depression affects 280 million people worldwide

As a GP with over 40 years of medical practice and 24 years as an acupuncturist, I understand the limitations of the medical approach when it comes to managing mental health issues like depression and anxiety. We live in a world where taking a pill is too easily seen as a solution, yet often has side effects and doesn’t always work well.

Increasingly in the West, whatever the problem, people want a quick fix even though there is no conclusive evidence that antidepressants used alone are effective in the mild to moderate range of depression.

Acupuncture For Depression

My system of Transformational Acupuncture is a holistic therapy for those who suffer from depression or anxiety. Working on the level of mind, body, and spirit, Transformational Acupuncture is a safe adjunctive treatment to help with mental health issues and has been documented to produce significant benefits to patients.

Here’s How We Can Work Together To Stick It To Depression!

Training For Acupuncture Practitioners

Learn more about using TAI (Transformational Acupuncture) to support your patients with depression and anxiety. Easily integrate this simple method into your practice and become confident in the effectiveness of your results while increasing your bookings.

Information For Doctors / General Practioners

Get another tool in your doctor’s bag and introduce acupuncture as a treatment option. Safe and effective, acupuncture can be an alternative or adjunct to your current treatment protocols that doesn’t interact negatively with medication and is quicker than psychological referrals.

Understanding Transformational Acupuncture

Transformational Acupuncture is a method developed by Dr. Alex based on the works of Dr. Mikio Sankey. This integrative method incorporates knowledge from Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic understanding of the chakras, and Sacred Geometry.

Here’s What They’re Saying…

Dr. Alex Joannou is a healer of healers. His brilliant mind and compassionate heart have bridged his medical training with an extraordinary acupuncture application. His healing work is a powerful catalyst for transforming the way symptoms, stress, and disease are viewed and treated.

Dr. Darren Weissman

Best-selling Author and Developer of The Lifeline Technique

Dr. Joannou so generously shares his skills and knowledge with case studies of his own patients. I was particularly inspired by his wisdom of the various healing disciplines available whether they are acupuncture, nutritional medicine or mind-body medicine to help heal the patient as a whole.

Dr. Vicki Kotsirilos AM, MBBS

Holistic GP, Academic, Media commentator, Researcher, Writer

Dr. Alex is a dedicated teacher with a unique combination of over 40 years of knowledge and practice as a family physician, including a 20-year history of training medical doctors and 20 years of knowledge and practice as an acupuncturist. I fully endorse him teaching Transformational Acupuncture to raise the consciousness of the planet.

DR Mikio Sankey PhD Lac

Author of seven volumes on Esoteric Acupuncture

I had a new client, a 26-year-old dealing with two years of persistent back pain (no injury) and feeling stressed with a lot going on. I was a bit worried that he never had acupuncture before and looked slightly uncomfortable lying on his face down. [From what I learned from Day 1 of the TAI workshop,] I thought PQFP was more suitable than AQFP for him. 40 minutes later, I found him peacefully asleep! He looked so relaxed and said felt everything a lot less tense. I saw the result on his face!

Youngmi Choi

Workshop Participant

Meet Dr. Alex Joannou

MBBS (Hons), FACNEM, GradCertAcu, Founder of Transformational Acupuncture International

When people get true healing, they actually feel peace, there’s a real physical feeling. As a conjoint lecturer with UNSW and an RACGP accredited supervisor, I’ve been training medical students, international medical graduates, and General Practice Registrars for more than 20 years to help people achieve that true feeling of peace that comes with healing.

I wasn’t always a teacher, but at a certain point, I realized that I couldn’t help the number of people I wanted to help. Then the realization came that if I could train enough acupuncturists in this lifetime – in the time that I have left – I could make a massive difference in this world. It’s a mighty big goal, but it feels like that’s what I’m here to do.

My purpose in this lifetime is to bring the physical world of medicine and acupuncture together with the spiritual world, to promote a holistic form of healing that transforms people. I’m inviting you to share in that knowledge through Transformational Acupuncture. Join me on this journey!

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